Tavci Vegan Cafe + Bled

I have a special connection with Bled, cause I used to live there {well, only for a month} and studied there for a year. I’m always happy to go back and just walk around.

So, just before Bled, vegan cafe opened up a couple of months ago and I love their Instagram and I was drooling over vegan doughnuts that they offer. So finally me and my love went there and tried some stuff. The place itself is nothing special, on the photos it looked amazing {as many things do} and it was really hot. Next to it is also a tattoo shop, but no thanks – not for me.

I had white coffee with almond milk. I didn’t add any sugar {I suppose the milk already had it} and it was very good. I was really surprised. Cause once I tried {somewhere else} coffee with oat milk and NO THANKS, next. Haha.

Then we tried the FAMOUS VEGAN DOUGHNUTS: lemon-ginger flavor. Omg, so good and tasty, with a hint of coconut flavor. Plus the sauce was very nice. It wasn’t too sweet and that’s what I like. I want to go back so bad! Tavči cafe can you invite me, please? 🙂

They also have the CUTEST cat named Tavč. I did pat him, but he would slip when I took photos of him. Tricky little one.

After that we went for a lunch to trattoria Peglez’n {old Slovenian word for iron}. I had spaghetti with shrimps and sauce. The portion was huge {such a waste of food} and it wasn’t that tasty – I was a bit disappointed. But I liked the place, it was decorated like an old Slovenian house – very nice. Plus the entrance is cute with all those flowers and they were packed.

And for the last activity we went for a nice walk around the lake, not all the way, just a bit.


Product Empties

I saw some time ago a lot of youtubers doing a product empties video on products they used up. And then talking about if they liked it or not and if they would ever use it again. So I thought I’d do a blog post on this.

Here we go:

Hand cream with gold & Oud {Avon Cosmetics}: I have not seen gold in this and have no idea what oud means, but hey it smells amazing and I like the consistency. Nice proper cream and I’ buy it again.

Wet wipes {Drogerie Markt} – raspberry fragrance: Nice raspberry smell and good wipes. They dry fast and don’t leave this wet feeling on the hands. I’m obsessed with wet wipes and I like trying new ones all the time. These are good, so I’d buy them again.

Nourishing face cream {Afrodita Cosmetics}: I like Afrodita products. This cream has more of a thick consistency and it took me some time to get used to it. But once I did, I loved it. I’d buy it again.

Deodorant Fa – Hawaii love {pineapple}: Very intense pineapple fragrance and I love it. I’ll be definitely buying another one.

Deodorant Fa – summertime moments {cucumber water}: This one is more refreshing and I also like it. It’s more for hot summer days.

Hand cream {Alverde}: I like all Alverde products and have tried quite some. This cream is also very good, but the smell was a bit off. But because I liked it so much I kind of didn’t mind.

Hand cream {Nivea}: I got this cream in a small nice bag with shower gel as well. One of the best hand creams I’ve tried.

Intimate gel: I got this from my sister and I liked it.

Mouth wash – mint: Some mouth washes can be really strong, like burning your tongue. But this one is nice and does a very good job.

Eyeliner {Bourjois}: Very good eye liner, easy to make that perfect cat line. And it lasted me for a long time. Wouldn’t mind buying it again.

Actually this blog post was a good reminder for me to buy some of these products again, cause I really like them. I was collecting these for some time and forgot a bit what I had.

PIRAN, Slovenia

I haven’t been in Piran for a couple of years now and it was really nice to be back. I really like this little small seaside town.

We went for a walk, visited the Museum of Underwater Activities – it was so interesting {highly recommend it}. We also had a good, but expensive coffee and went to 50 m tower and had an amazing view of the city. It was really windy so we were quite fast, but it’s really nice to see the city from all the angles. And the entrance fee is only 2 euros – go there.

I wish we had time to explore a bit more, cause it’s so beautiful. But I guess, we’ll leave it for some other time.

Go to Piran as soon as you can, cause it’s really beautiful.

Hiking to Šmarna gora

I have become a fan of hiking. The last time I went to Šmarna gora {which is near my hometown} was two years ago. I went there in December and again in March – so awesome.

There is a small tavern or restaurant. They also serve {only for the weekends} fried ‘miške’ which is like doughy yeast circles dusted with sugar – soooo good.

The views are amazing and a ton of people as always. But it’s a nice hike and I think I might go up by myself as well {which will be the first}.